AI Register


What is AI Register?

AI Register is a window into the artificial intelligence systems used by the City of Helsinki. Through the register, you can get acquainted with the quick overviews of the city’s artificial intelligence systems or examine their more detailed information based on your own interests. You can also give feedback and thus participate in building human-centered AI in Helsinki.

Artificial intelligence systems of Helsinki

Learn about the use cases where we currently utilise artificial intelligence as part of our city services.

Social services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

Sotebotti Hester

Sotebot Hester is a chatbot for social services, health care and rescue services division. Hester contains different knowledge data bases that are combined into one chatbot. The same answer can be used in many different conversations and this prevents overlapping answers to the same question, for example between maternity and child care clinics and health stations. The customer has also the possibility to move from Hester Chatbot to live chat. 

Content description:

Health Services : Diseases from all ages and health promotion issues, oral health, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and mental health. Advice on visiting health stations and how to book an appointment. Some sick leave certificates, laboratory referrals and service vouchers can also be written in the chat.

Maternity and child care services: Questions concerning parenting, pregnancy and child care. You can also make appointments in the live chat, but acting on behalf of a child is not possible. 

Senior Services: Advice and information about the most asked social and health care services, tips for active everyday life and maintaining functional capacity, living and moving. In addition, the bot answers the most common issues of assistive service services.

Social Services for Adults, young people over 16-year-olds and youth: Counseling and information in different life situations. Support for coping in everyday life such as making a living, housing, relationships, working, studying and mental health and student health.

Chatbot’s content is produced and monitored by designated professionals from family and child care services, oral health care, psychiatry and substance abuse services, Senior info, health services, youth services and adult social work.

The service is operates on a rule-based basis based on question-answer pairs and conversation dialogues defined by the service experts. 

The service also enables quick responses and reactions, proactive communication, and development of operation dealing with current issues of concern to customers based on conversation analytics. clients to work on current issues based on discussion analytics. The service enables automatic collection of advance information, which speeds up the customer service situation.

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Culture and leisure

Intelligent material…

IMMS (Intelligent Material Management System) is an intelligent material management system for the entire library collection. The City Library’s collection contains approximately 1.8 million items. An intelligent material management system was acquired while the city library moved away from library-specific collections to one shared collection. With the change, the library wanted to enable moving the material freely between different libraries. The system was introduced in May 2019, after which it has been in use but still in the deployment phase. The system has made it possible to reach a situation where the majority of the collection now floats, i.e. moves freely between libraries.

With the floating material, customers can influence the offering of each library with their own activities. Returns influence the offerings of libraries. Library experts can modify system configurations based on reports and observations. The aim is to distribute the new material equally so that no library is in an unequal position based on its size. Thus the customers of different libraries can be served in an equal manner.

The service enables tracking and tracing of the item movements. The material can be located in real-time using RFID tags attached to the material. The material to be borrowed from the Helsinki City Library was labelled with RFID tags before the system was introduced. RFID tags are also used in transport units, check-out machines sorting points, and in special shelf identification.

The library system is not intended for logistical tracking of material, and therefore this new system effectively complements the data obtained on the movement of items. Library experts can control the flow of material between libraries with parameters and rules supported by the system. These control the filling level of library shelves in a way that allows the better presentation of materials to customers. The material hotel created during the introduction of the intelligent material management system balances, for example, seasonal overflows and shelf overflow during library renovations. Guests do not have physical access to the material hotel, but the material can be booked. The material hotel is located in the Pasila library building, close to the city library’s central sorter.

Furthermore, the system also makes it possible to reduce manual logistics. The material can be processed, for example, by moving the reservations box by box, when this was previously done on an item by item basis. Improving the handling of reservations is necessary as the number of reservations has risen sharply in recent years. Improving the efficiency of processing also enables staff to allocate working hours from logistics to other library work.

The service includes a mobile application used by library staff. With the help of the mobile application, the material can be transferred to the central sorter or to the library shelves, either box at a time or, if necessary, item at a time. It also allows staff to see item, shelf, or transport unit-specific information (current information, as well as the previous movements).The Danish Lyngsoe Systems have built the system in collaboration with Danish public libraries. The system only processes material data and not handle the personal data of customers at all.

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