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Sotebot Hester is a chatbot for social services, health care and rescue services division. Hester contains different knowledge data bases that are combined into one chatbot. The same answer can be used in many different conversations and this prevents overlapping answers to the same question, for example between maternity and child care clinics and health stations. The customer has also the possibility to move from Hester Chatbot to live chat. 

Content description:

Health Services : Diseases from all ages and health promotion issues, oral health, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and mental health. Advice on visiting health stations and how to book an appointment. Some sick leave certificates, laboratory referrals and service vouchers can also be written in the chat.

Maternity and child care services: Questions concerning parenting, pregnancy and child care. You can also make appointments in the live chat, but acting on behalf of a child is not possible. 

Senior Services: Advice and information about the most asked social and health care services, tips for active everyday life and maintaining functional capacity, living and moving. In addition, the bot answers the most common issues of assistive service services.

Social Services for Adults, young people over 16-year-olds and youth: Counseling and information in different life situations. Support for coping in everyday life such as making a living, housing, relationships, working, studying and mental health and student health.

Chatbot’s content is produced and monitored by designated professionals from family and child care services, oral health care, psychiatry and substance abuse services, Senior info, health services, youth services and adult social work.

The service is operates on a rule-based basis based on question-answer pairs and conversation dialogues defined by the service experts. 

The service also enables quick responses and reactions, proactive communication, and development of operation dealing with current issues of concern to customers based on conversation analytics. clients to work on current issues based on discussion analytics. The service enables automatic collection of advance information, which speeds up the customer service situation.

Contact information

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  • Social services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division / IT Services
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  • Paula Meisalo
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  • IBM
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  • 09-3105015

More detailed information on the system

Here you can get acquainted with the information used by the system, the operating logic, and its governance in the areas that interest you.

DatasetsShow More Show Less

Key data sources utilised in the development and use of the system, their content and utilisation methods. The different data sources are separated by subheadings.

AI training material

AI training material contains sample questions from the content area of the service. The questions have been collected during the development project from City of Helsinki service experts, and they represent the questions asked by citizens in customer service situations. The material is owned by the City of Helsinki, but it has not been licensed. The material does not contain any personal data.

The training material is uploaded to the AI, which constructs a model based on the training material. Some of the sample questions are also used to test the model.


Conversation logs

The system records the questions asked and the answers given during the chat session in a log file. The log is regularly analysed by the service development team to see how the service has responded to customer questions.

The analysis will identify areas of content where the training material and the answers provided by the service need to be improved. After the analysis, the training material is defined and more sample questions can be added or, for example, new discussion paths can be created to improve the user experience of the service. Customer feedback can also be used to define answers and add more information.

The conversation log will be removed from the system after 6 months, after the analysis and changes have been made, but usage-related reporting such as usage rates, response rates and other parameters will be stored to monitor the long-term progress.

The-conversation log is owned by the City of Helsinki, but it has not been licensed


Data processingShow More Show Less

The operational logic of the automatic data processing and reasoning performed by the system and the models used.

Model architecture

The Chatbot service is based on the IBM Watson Assistant software product that is offered as an IBM Cloud SaaS application from the Frankfurt data centre in the EU. The service utilises AI and machine learning models to process natural-language questions.

The customer asks questions through a digital interface that works across different devices. If the AI is unable to respond to the questions, or otherwise more suitable, the customer can contact a customer service representative. The service will then connect the customer to a service specialist who can continue the conversation. The customer can also give feedback on the service, which is used for further development of the service.

System architecture description



The development of the use and quality of the service is continuously evaluated. User statistics and quality measures are regularly recorded in reports. Quality measures include the number of correct answers compared to all the questions and direct customer feedback collected on the service.

Non-discriminationShow More Show Less

Promotion and realisation of equality in the use of the service.

The service is currently available in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. The service does not automatically know how to correct typos caused by poor Finnish, which may limit the service use of other native-speaking customers. The service is not yet available in other languages.

Human oversightShow More Show Less

Human oversight during the use of the service.

The service automatically identifies and compiles topics that it cannot answer. These are submitted to the City of Helsinki’s experts to develop the conversation paths of the service further.

The service is monitored by reviewing the feedback and conversation logs and by analysing the statistics on the use of the service. Based on this data, experts identify the topics customers find interesting and then they develop discussion paths.

The monitoring experts are tasked to create new discussion paths based on the analysis and to improve the retrievability of recommendations, e.g. by using new keywords.

Risk managementShow More Show Less

Risks related to the system and its use and their management methods.

The service will never ask for personally identifiable information. However, the service involves a risk related to the processing of personal data if the customer enters unnecessary personal data into the service. To manage this risk, the service has an automated function that immediately deletes any social security numbers or email addresses from the conversation logs. The conversation logs are also regularly reviewed by experts, who delete any personal data that may have been overlooked by the automated system.

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